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Oliver Keens - Latest Journalist to Show his Ignorance about Womens' Freemasonry

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Following on from Baroness Keans showing off that she doesn't know that there are women Freemasons in the "New European" (tagline "think without borders") a couple of weeks ago, another UK Journalist has jumped on the bandwagon of defending womens' rights by taking a swipe at Freemasonry and completely ignoring or disregarding the fact that there have been female-only Lodges in the UK for over a Century. You would have thought that these apparently intelligent people could use Google. Oh well!

Snippet: By contrast, gentleman’s clubs or the majority of male-only Freemasons’ lodges that still bafflingly exist in the UK lack any comparable justification. They’re purely about power, about maintaining elites and ring-fencing a tiny group of humans as “the establishment”. Garrick members like Stephen Fry and Hugh Bonneville might think they’re worthy because they campaigned for women to be admitted, but they still knowingly joined a boys club. (The Garrick Club, until last month, had exclusion written into its rules).


Full article can be read here: https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/lifestyle-buzz/there-s-actually-a-place-for-single-sex-clubs-they-just-need-to-be-justified/ar-BB1nqrdA 

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